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Facts Meme (again)

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 11, 2017, 10:02 AM
I got tagged by Philomartina to do this facts meme again so I will, haha. I will just come up with new stuff about me.

1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2. Write
13 11 things about yourself. (I'll add more if I find something. I am really not that interesting.
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own
13 10 questions. ( I am also lazy as fuck)
I decided to simply remove the other 4 "rules", because neither I, nor you will obey them anyway.

  1. I like to occupy myself with everything that has something to do with medicine and biology.
  2. My way of thinking is very direct when it comes to discussions about seriously anything. I even got too tired to hide that in public. Sometimes this is the reason why I get in various fights, because people can't handle opinions that aren't sugarcoated.
  3. I have a very formal way of speaking (in German), no matter where I am or whom I talk to.
  4. I can't multitask. Here, I said it. I am so bad at it that, if I was eaing and then started listening to you when you were talking to me, I would probably choke on my food.
  5. I am playing way too much Guild Wars 2 nowadays. This has to stop.
  6. I suck so badly at flirting that it's getting embarrassing for everyone around me.
  7. When I get really excited, I become nauseous immediately.
  8. I have never seen Star Wars.
  9. My favourite dish is coffee.
  10. My biggest dream is to safe enough money to get a pilot's licence.
  11. I would really like to learn either French or Japanese somewhere in the future! :c

The Questions

1. What motivates you most?

Competition, anger, success, the idea of satisfaction or something like that

2. What would you say is the dominant character trait in your family? (go on, say beauty & intelligence, it's fine :iconflirtywinkplz:)

Mental endurance

3. Name one freak off-topic interest of yours!

Anatomy, Medicine, illnesses and their effects on humans, aviation

4. Ninjas or pirates? This is serious. ._.

I don't really like either of them, sorry :o

5. Also link a music video? 

That song ;-;

6. Name one pet-peeve of yours!

I have quite a lot of pet peeves which I can't even rate, as I hate all of them equally much. Let me just mention two of them.
1. I prefer not to be touched - at all. I don't bloody care if you are a friend who wants to "jokingly hit me on my head", poke me "in fun or use me as your subject of amusement when you suddenly and "jokingly" pull over your car to "wake me up because I am tired".

I am someone who does not use physical contact or stimulation at all when it comes to nonverbal communication. If you keep disrespecring that personal space (and that isn't really much to ask for), then don't be surprised when eventually I will answer your joke punch with an equal punch in your face. I had to endure enough abuse already, I dont need any more of that in my life, especially not by people I call friends. Thanks.

2. If you owe me money (even if it's small amounts) then. Bloody. Give. It. Back.
It is YOUR responsibility to keep in mind what you owe me, not mine. And do not think that I forgot about it.  Hell no. I am seriously not a greedy person; most of the time I refuse to take back small amounts when a person offers it to me. But it should always be my decision whether I take or drop it and not yours. If you have given me a free coffee the other day, it does not mean that you are allowed to account it with the money you have additionally lended from me. That's not how gifts work. And its not yours to decide at what time I owe you that one back.

7. ...Did you ever get into a (fist) fight?

No, but I slapped someones face once and I regretted it ever since. Violence is bad, guys! :o
(I could argue that it was a panic move because that particular person came way to close to my face when I had no other escape).

8. What is your ultimate goal when it comes to art?

Being able to pull off high end sci-fi art.

9. //Slams fist on the table
Ok enough small talk now tell me who are you working with?! (ehh joking... just... i'm running out of questions here, interrogation style is hard...)
Uhm... What would you tell about yourself at a speed date? Maybe highlight one or two of your positive traits

Did you know that, after death the internal anal sphincter that tightens the canalis analis becomes limb, which causes the rectum of a deceased to uncontrolledly lose their fecal liquids? Also, did you know that you have to tighten your sphincter to release audible flatulences? So if that body is farting, it ain't dead.
Hang on. Positive traits.
I can actually spit/pump out saliva off my sublingual glands! Also, I am able to move my upper and lower palpebrals from left to right.

10. What are you wearing~ :iconsexybrowsplz: ? (say pajamas i won't judge)

Comfy trousers and a comfy T-shirt with comfy socks :heart:

11. What is your dev.Art name referring to? Tell me all the meaning behind it!

Unfortunately I can't, its a secret that relates to my story x)

12. You're current obsession plz. Series or books preferred but anything works really.

I just got out of the Yuri!!!on Ice fandom!
I mean I still like the show, I am just sober again ;D

13. You're cool. Friends? :D (Big Grin)

'türlisch <3

My questions are:

1. How did you get to Deviantart?
2. What is your favourite topic to draw? If you don't draw yourself, what do you like to favourite the most?
3. What is your favourite character of your own?
4. If you would have to describe yourself with 3 verbs, what would they be?
5. A sorcerer turns you into a car! What brand/model would you be?
6. Name me your favourite comedian!
7. What was the weirdest thing that you have ever done in your life? Come on, tell me all that dirty stuff :D
8. What kind of wallpapers do you tend to use for your computer screen? Wallpapers tell a lot about your personality! ;)
9. Day or night?
10. I hope you had fun! Last question: Tell me a joke that has caught YOU off your feet once!

That's it! Feel free to do/ redo this meme ;)

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